Souvenir Magnet


Perfect gift for business promotion, promotional gift accommodation gift for loved ones, conference souvenir or memorabilia Hotel.

If you want your business to have special products, look for a promotional gift or just want to surprise your friends with a unique gift? This is perfect! Success is guaranteed!

Choose your favorite photo, and we turn it into a fridge magnet or a keychain unique, you can even use it as a thank-you gift to the wedding, as a gift. Make a surprise loved ones with a series of photos on fridge magnets is the best gift that holidays spent together to be memorable!

Promote your restaurant of the guesthouse, your business with a high quality fridge magnets. Nowadays everyone decorate the fridge with a magnet, which recalls memorable moments and places.

Provide your cazaţii a keychain that reminds them of good times spent at you!

Compile your own fridge magnets, send us your favorite pictures or even a calendar and we process it perfect shape.

We take orders from companies, merchants and individuals!

You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, material such as wood square shaped slices of wood with bark sheet magnet and ceramic magnets. These shapes and sizes we can customize according to your wishes.

Promote your business with artisan products. Attract customers with a tradition of over 100 years, the so-called secret box that is sure to attract the attention of the young and the aged.

The colors, materials and unique images is the key to success in selling souvenirs so popular and every day more appreciated.

Fridge magnets in recent years, joined the top choice when it comes to choosing a gift.

Cadou-Magneti de frigider