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Secret Boxes

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Boxes secret is a box that can be opened only by obscure or complicated series of manipulations. Some cases may require only a simple secret squeeze in the correct area, while others may require the free subtly from many small, to open the box. Some boxes are comparable secret Burr puzzles.

Boxes secret origins in Hakone region of Japan in the early 19th century Himitsu-Bako as, or Secret Box.

If you opened a secret boxes may contain a good luck charm. These boxes were made in various complex and constantly moving with a variety of twists to fool the person trying to open the box, but the trick is to find the correct series of movements that can vary from two to 1500 movements.

These boxes are not only beautiful secrets are too complicated! There is a secret to open them. What a great way to stop these casual snoopers! Once you know the secret, opening them is a breeze.

These unique secret boxes are completely original creations by craftsman and designers puzzle box.

Built from a variety of local timber in Transylvania, each box is beautifully detailed.

If you are looking for affordable gifts or someone special pampering with a striking, but the practical jewelry box, there is always something new and surprising to have found boxes here.

Please note that each secret box is hand crafted and no two cases are exactly the same. Design may differ slightly from product pictured. Care should also be taken when opening the lid of each box that slides freely along the mirror crafted grooves.

Cutii secrete

Secret Boxes


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